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Northwood is a comprehensive learning sanctuary that educates and supports the whole child. We are a high-performing K-8 public charter school in the Frankford section of Philadelphia serving 800 students with a staff of 75 dedicated professionals.

Since 2005


Excellence in Programming

Our school community is built upon a well-developed academic program supported by an abundance of enrichment opportunities and celebratory activities. 

Our core instructional program is driven by local, state, and federal standards. We make data-driven decisions based on student outcomes and authorizing metrics.


Belief in Children

We operate with the belief that all children are able to achieve a balance of academic success and emotional wellness within a safe and nurturing school environment. 

We honor every individual as unique and valuable to the overall culture of Northwood. To that end, we recognize and embrace diverse cultures, backgrounds, learning styles, and social-emotional development.


Dedicated Staff

Northwood attracts and empowers a committed and professional staff that embodies our learning sanctuary. Our team operates from the tenet that purposeful relationships are key to our foundation. 

Each staff member is charged with the care and well-being of every child. We do this through a kind human spirit, cultural competence, and keen awareness. By respecting and supporting our students, their families, and our staff on a regular basis, we honor and uphold this commitment.

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Our charter school uses a lottery program for student admittance.

Application for the 2022-23 school year through Apply Philly Charter is OPEN and closes on January 24, 2022. Find out about upcoming notification and acceptance dates on our enrollment page.

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