Title IX

Northwood Academy Charter School is committed to fully complying with all Federal and state laws banning discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression in regard to instructional programs, sports, clubs and employment practices. Anyone who believes themself to be a victim of sex discrimination by the NACS should contact the Title IX Coordinator immediately.

Anti-Harassment & Anti-Retaliation Statement: Northwood has a strict no tolerance policy in regards to sexual harassment. Any individual who believes they have been subjected to sexual harassment is encouraged to make a report which will be investigated in a prompt and thorough manner. Any form of retaliation against individuals who file complaints about sexual harassment, or participate in the investigation of such complaints, is strictly prohibited. Students or staff found to have engaged in sexual harassment or retaliation will be disciplined in a timely manner.

Title IX Coordinator

Telephone number: 215-289-5606