Enrichment / Extracurricular Activities

Northwood provide students with a wide variety of extracurricular activity opportunities. Inclusion in extracurricular events is a privilege offered to students who maintain good academic and behavioral practices.  

Our current offerings can be view on Northwood's FamilyID Landing Page >

All parents/guardians must sign up for FamilyID in order to register your child for after-school clubs and Friday electives.

If you have not used FamilyID before, create your FamilyID account and add your child to your family profile. You will need only one account for your whole family.

If you already have a FamilyID account, you do not need to create a new one - just log in to the account you have. Then add or match the record your child to the people in your family profile.

Once you submit a registration, all of your information will be saved to re-use for future programs and activities. You can review your registration history and update your registration data at any time.