Our Standards

Northwood Academy Charter School has a well developed academic program that emphasizes comprehensive literacy and mathematical instruction in accordance with No Child Left Behind and state standards. Northwood Academy Charter School follows the Pennsylvania Standards Aligned System and School District of Philadelphia guidelines. We have adopted commercial curriculum for Language Arts, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. These curricular materials are aligned with the Pennsylvania State Academic Standards.

Our Teachers

All teachers are required to use stated curriculum and assessments and provide documentation through weekly lesson plans and ongoing data collection. Our instructional program is monitored regularly by our Instructional and Administrative Team - CEO, Principal, Director of Special Education, teachers and instructional coaches. All standardized tests are administered under local, state and federal directives.  All of our core academic teachers are Highly Qualified Teachers (HQT).

Our Approach

Our curriculum is used to its fullest extent including multi-leveled work opportunities and materials as needed.  We use a hands-on approach and provide real life opportunities whenever possible. We stress higher level thinking skills that are incorporated into every facet of each content area. Teachers use small group instruction, whole class differentiated instruction, cooperative learning, flexible grouping, and peer supports to encourage student growth and success.  Our teachers also have the opportunity, various times throughout the day, to conference individually with students to target personal academic goals to enhance the education of that particular student.

The Pennsylvania Standards Aligned System (SAS) is a collaborative product of research and good practice that identifies six distinct elements which, if utilized together, will provide schools and districts a common framework for continuous school and district enhancement and improvement.